You can always depend on the kindness of strangers…

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

How funny – I wrote this in May…

A ropey start to the working week, last week. Due to my intense paranoia about the presentation I was due to give later in the evening, I was up with the birds in the morning and became engrossed in populating my Microsoft word slides. I left home at the regular time and walked to the station with one of my friendly neighbours. We stood on the edge platform for about 10 minutes, it gradually became clear that there were delays and a train would not be arriving any time soon. So when one eventually arrived – we could not get on – too crowded. However we muscled up and got ourselves onto the second train. The carriage was crowded and hot. This is normal for London Underground but for some reason it was unbearable this morning. Maybe because for the past two weeks I have been driving to work. I think at some point I must have had a mini faint as I “woke up” and found my head on the shoulder of the lady in front of me. I got as far a Bank and I had to get off the tube carriage. I was overwhelmed with nausea, shaking and sweating.  I sat on the chairs on the platform with my head between my knees. It was not long before one of the LUL staff asked me if I was OK. When I told him ‘no’ he offered to get a glass of water. In the meantime a nice lady approached me and sat with me for a while, she asked if I was OK. The LUL staff member  then came back and told me that his colleague would help me away from the platform (it was the height of rush hour). So another LUL staff member took my bag and led me to the upper level and brought me a cold cup of water. Water had never tasted so good! She correctly assumed that I had not eaten breakfast and advised me to buy something from the station kiosk. Ten minutes I was back on the platform munching away on a Kitkat. Twenty minutes later I was back on the train to Ealing Broadway.

I will not forget to eat breakfast again.


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  1. belenmunoztoro says:

    It is so magical when good people help us when we are in this kind of situations 🙂 good to know you recovered and were ready to continue, hope your presentation went well. London underground is getting too hot in summer I´m always dizzy in my commute to work.

    1. La chica que vino a la vida says:

      Yes, it is quite something else when people take the time to stop and help. My presentation went well, thank you.

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