Sopa de ajo

The weekend has arrived at last and brings an opportunity for me to rest. Today for me has mainly consisted of lazing around in bed and on the sofa catching up on Eastenders, The Good Wife, In the Line of Duty, The A word and Empire, while my husband is out working. Even though I only worked three days this week – I am exhausted. I am not sure that my waking up at 5.30 in the morning to go to work to work a few extra hours is sustainable as I was so tired today! However somehow at 7 this evening I came alive again, my energy restored – I headed to the kitchen.

My mission this year is to cook all of the recipes in our Spanish cookbook. This evening I had another go at garlic soup creation Spanish style – sopa de ajo. Easier this time because I just used the ingredients I had in the kitchen. A quick search on the internet tells me that Sopa de ajo can be made with a variety of ingredients but the basic ones seem to be garlic, olive oil, bread and paprika.

So I chopped, stirred and simmered and my soup was ready within an hour. My husband returned from work, tired and hungry and devoured the soup! He thought it was delicious.


este noche he hecho sopa de ajo


1 dl oil
1 head of garlic
1 onion
1 tomato
1 tsp mild paprika

1. Fry the garlic cloves in the oil and set aside
2. In the same oil saute the onion and chopped tomato
3. Once well salted, add the teaspoon of mild paprika and cover with abundant water
4. Add the garlic cloves, previously crushed, season the broth and allow it to cook
5. At the last moment add the eggs and poach for 3 minutes
When the soup is ready, toast some slices of bread and place on top


As is always the way there were a few modifications – I used smoked paprika because that is all I had in the cupboard and I add 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar to give it a little kick that I thought was missing. Very nice

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