Walking the line

Slacklining refers to the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors. Slacklining is similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking. Slacklines differ from tightwires and tightropes in the type of material used and the amount of tension applied during use. Slacklines are tensioned significantly less than tightropes or tightwires in order to create a dynamic line which will stretch and bounce like a long and narrow trampoline. Tension can be adjusted to suit the user, and different webbing may be used in various circumstances. Slacklining is popular due to its simplicity and versatility; it can be used in various environments with few components.


I have learnt a new skill – well I can balance on a slack line with my right leg for 10 seconds and 5 seconds with my left leg. Where did I do all of this? Crystal Palace park with my husband,  his friend and his wife. It was a lot of fun! 

This is the first properly warm weekend of the year and so most people if they can are out and about enjoying it all. 

Very nice. 



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