Restaurante La Escollera Estepona

This mini moon has been as much about food as about all the other things associated with mini moons. I have felt more relaxed about eating food than I have been in the months leading up to the wedding (although you might not know it from my previous posts!). This has of course lead me to put on 3 kg in weight since we have arrived in Spain (but I am not sure if the scales are accurate – I do not feel heavier). However my husband has informed me that I should just enjoy myself and therefore his word is my command!

On our last evening in Estepona we finally made it to the restaurant recommended by one of my husband’s best friends from childhood. The world wide wait tells, me that the Restaurante La Escollera Estepona restaurant lies in the heart of the Puerto Pesquero (fishing port) at the top of an unpretty and rather shingly beach. However it was never intended as a tourist attraction and there is the consolation that the sparkling Mediterranean lies only a few metres away. It is essentially a workers restaurant but the management have cottoned on to the fact that some visitors find it and offer English, German and French copies of the menu as well as Spanish.The eating area is set out behind the bar. It is quite large and basic with plastic chairs and tables and cheap paper tablecloths; but it is scrupulously clean and the service is quick and efficient.

I will tell you that we loved everything about the place and the food was amazing.

If and when I return to Estepona, I am definitely coming back here to eat.




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