This is how I roll

So this is how I roll. Sometimes you make me feel so angry and upset I am apoplectic with rage. But do I tell you this ? No. I might rant about a side topic , I might be more terse, vehement in my answers but will I tell you the root cause of my anger? No.


Because at that time – I know I would say things that I would regret. I know I would not be able to unsay them. I know with the passing of time – the red mist will clear and I will be able to find the right words to articulate just how I feel/felt about matter.

Is that healthy? I just don’t know. But it behoves me to speak an unkind word to you. I able to tell you what I think – good or bad – without spite or malice but it takes time.

I am soft on you.


Your soul has that effect on me.

I know in the same situation you would not blame me, you would be understanding, you would be different. How do I know? Because in your small ways I have seen it.

Your soul is sweet.

And maybe I am naive and maybe I do not really know the true nature of people. But this is how I roll.

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