Weekly photo challenge – 30th September 2016

For this challenge, show us what nostalgia means to you — perhaps a moment or scene that makes you feel wistful, happy, sad, or somehow longing for the past.


I am currently slumped on my sofa, waiting for the flat to warm up. I have a Stephen King book beside me Four Past Midnight and the television is on and Left Behind is playing on 5Star. Strangely enough there are some vague similarities in plot between what I can hear in the television and the first story in the book One Past Midnight: The Langoliers.

Anyway I digress, I was slightly more inspired by the photo challenge from last week.

NostalgiaA sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

After finishing my errands, I was thinking about what I might like to eat for lunch. I remembered that there was a single plantain sitting in our kitchen waiting to be eaten. The only problem was, I did not have anything to eat it with. I am used to eating it with a hearty Nigerian dishes such as jellof rice or black eye beans. I was too tired to cook up anything like that but I remembered that my mother used to make fried plantain (dodo) with scrambled eggs and baked beans as light meal for us or whenever we were ill and had flagging appetites, we somehow always felt well enough to eat dodo. So, while I was not ill this afternoon, I did have a longing for comforting food from the past and therefore I fried up the plantain and made some scrambled eggs. It was of course delicious and I was taken back to that place of feeling safe, warm and loved.


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