on the run


I am on the run again…

This time I have tried to make it social  and I have joined a  local running group.


I have been out for three runs now, around South Woodford, Snaresbrook  and Woodford Green. We run just over 5K on a Sunday morning which I am managing to complete in around 40 minutes. It is an incredibly rewarding experience and this is my motivation to continue – as well as cake…

Carrot cake/loaf cooked by Ravi. He has set the standard the we must follow.

I have finally cancelled my gym membership, my three year ‘difficult’ relationship is over and now it is just me and my running shoes. Over the past year (runkeep on moving) I have developed a pace and a rhythm to my running that I am comfortable with. I have somehow purchased a Fitbit watch with GPS (female midlife crisis…?) and I have a more accurate idea of the distances I am running. Suffice to say, if this years running is anything to go by, I probably was not running 5k in less than 30 minutes. However, this was a big psychological  boost for me at the time and kept me going, especially for my early morning runs. This summer and autumn, I have running in the morning, afternoons and the evening, I have not limited or restricted myself. When I have felt the need to run, I have slipped on my trainers and slipped out of the house. It is also a nice escape, when I am running, all I am thinking about is the road ahead, the feel of the wind on my face, my breathing and how my body feels. All other thoughts are pushed aside for those 50 minutes or so.

I am not quite sure how running will work, when the weather gets colder. This Sunday I took my hiking jacket expecting it to be cold and wet, but I got so warm I ended up wrapping it round my waist five minutes into the run.

This is me after a 5K run, last Sunday morning.

While we were running through the park, I rationalised that it was likely to very similar to PE lessons at school, I do not remember it ever being too cold to have a netball lesson outside, I am still standing…

I must remember to get at least one run in during the working week. It will be hard, the slightly chillier evenings, means that motivation comes from another place, which is not found under my duvet or the soft orange blanket on my cosy blue sofa.  This week, has been an epic fail, too many afterwork activities, will have to prioritise next week.

I will have to think about buying another pair of trainers, they have been faithful for 7 years but they are more than a little worn. I do not have a clue about what constitutes a good pair of running trainers, so I will have to do a bit of research (any ideas folks?) and spend my money wisely.

Roll on next Sunday.




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