The land of roses 

On our second day in Bulgaria, we were informed by the lady in the currency exchange that Bulgaria was known as the land of roses. She gave us a bracelet as souvenier. Very nice.

Bulgarian rose essential oil is produced in a valley called “The Valley of Roses.” This is a region located between the Balkan Mountains, to the north, and Sredna Gora Mountain, to the south.

Bulgaria is world number one producer of rose oil – from the rare rose type Rosa Damascena. The oil extracted from Rosa Damascena is used as a base element in cosmetics and perfumery.
I was soon to discover rose oil products everywhere…

One day four in Bulgaria, we walked along  Pirin street and into Rose of Bulgaria, one of many shops selling rose oil products. 

I could not resist buying a few things…

I left with some perfume essense, lip balm and hand cream. I have never thought of myself as a fan of all things rose but I may well be converted!

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