The Road Taken

Last month I was in Bulgaria  learning to ski. It was an adventure, the likes of which I probably have not experienced before. It is all written down somewhere and I will share at another date. In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the pictures from our trip.

I never managed to hit the slopes (well I did but not in the most flattering way!) but I did end up skiing down the Ski Road which is about 7km of gentle easy skiing from the slopes to the town. I was able to move slow enough to take pictures along the way.

file_003 img_0419 file_002


Half way through the holiday we took a break from skiing and wandered about the old town and I was of course snapping away as we walked along.img_3467



On the last day, I gave up skiing altogether and took the ski lift up to one the slopes and just stopped to enjoy the view.


img_3576 img_3572 img_3570 img_3566


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