The lazy ones

Sometimes you just need time to rest and recuparate (I can hear my friends who are parents shouting “recuparting from what!!?”) and push away the rest of the world. My husbands working patterns mean that he is not always free on the weekends and so having him all to myself these days is a rare luxury.

This past one was one of the treasured fin de semanas. We did plan on travelling to Wales and walking through the Brecon Beacons but a look at the weather forecast suggested that it might well be a complete washout. So we opted for spending the day with my sister, her husband and their new (well 6 months new) baby.

Family time was heartwarming and did much good for my wary soul. I came back from the coast soothed and at peace. Roll on Sunday and the good feelings remained. I had no inclination to get out of bed for the running group. I could here rain on window and my bed was just too cozy. My husband made breakfast and we used the lazy Susan (slighty random purchase from Ikea last weekend ) for the first time.

After breakfast I suffered from – what my husband refers to as “an attack of laziness”. I simply crawled back into my bed and stayed there for the rest of the day. What did I do? I read. I bought ‘Stay With Me’ by Ayobami Adebayo. I think it is her first book. I heard about when scanning the guardian website for articles about marriage (that’s another post for another day…). I was drawn to it because I love these tales of Nigerian everyday life, modern life mixed with tradition and culture and the struggle to balance the two. And the slow realisation that sometimes as unconventional as things seem, something’s are just their for a purpose. There is a deep wisedom to certain acts of life. So I found this book interesting as I am not quite sure I got that same feeling from this book, I may have to read it again. I am certain I am comparing my investment in the characters, my ability to get lost in the story line and  simple joy in reading the narrative to reading a book by Chimimanda Adichie. I should not compare because it is not fair but one cannot help but do that. Anyway, I could not put the book down and managed to finish it after only a few hours. There was an application I needed to finish to so I competed that. The rest of the evening was spent eating dinner, slowly planning of our next adventure while I slowly put together a presentation for the medical students who are joining us this week. And then I crawled back into bed just after midnight. A rather lazy day but much needed.

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