The smell of success 

The only that kept me going yesterday was the smell of coffee. 

I am not normally a big coffee drinker but I had a conversation a few weeks ago with one of my colleagues about coffee drinking. It turns out I have not been drinking the correct coffee. I am used to drinking granules from a plastic pot. Instead it seems I should be drinking it freshly made so that I can enjoy the full bodied taste and smell. So on my last trip to Ikea I purchased a £4 coffee maker I believe it is called a  cafetière and on my last trip to the local Sainsbury’s a few minutes from my office I bought a pretty plastic bag containing some coffee. 

I did not know that I was in for such a treat. It actually tasted nice (I must have somehow rearranged my tastebuds!). I was very pleased with the result. And the best thing was the aroma that floated around my desk for the whole day. 
This morning as I arrived into work two hours after setting off (derailed train on the Central Line and around general chaos on the buses) it was  thing that I looked forward to the most. I made another pot and sipped it slowly as I calmed down and planned my day (factoring in my one lost hour) and exit strategy. 


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