occhi più grandi di stomaco

Sunday 19th March

Today it seemed that we wandered from meal to meal filling time in between with sightseeing.


My husband decided that we were going to have our breakfast bought to our room. 

We managed to eat all the pastries and wash them down with coffee and orange juice (not at the same time!). This left me feeling incredibly full so that I had to crawl bad into bed to recover…

We then took a leisurely walk around the town taking in the sights and the sea and generally enjoying being alive. When hunger inevitably struck, we found a lovely little restaurant – Ristorante O’Murzill. It on is Via Accademia and is just the cutest little place. It has only seven tables  and only one waitress it seems (who was charming and lovely) but the interior was so cozy and inviting.

The food – it goes without saying – was utterly delicious. I chose linguine with mushrooms and walnuts and my husband opted for gnocchi di  Sorrento (tomato and mozzarella sauce) with a prawn and garlic starter. Food heaven.
We finished off with a lemon and almond cake – again a local delicacy but tasting not dissimilar to one a Spanish one  one have made earlier. 

Full and happy we continued our wander through the town. 

Pizza for dinner – what else?

I chose a lemon, walnut and cheese concoction. Very nice. Then followed up by an obligatory ice cream. 

And so ended our second day in Italy. 


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