via Daily Prompt: Pause

This prompt reminds me that sometime you need to take a break, reflect and just look at what you have. On my most recent holiday we took a boat from Sorrento to Capri. It was the most beautiful of days and journeys. We walked to Arco Naturale, a spectacular natural arch on the East side of the island. I was immediately blown away by the views and the splendour of it all. I could not stop taking pictures but then I turned to my husband and said “I’m just going to sit down and enjoy the view now, I just need to absorb it all”. So I sat down and I did just that.  It was such a peaceful experience.

We carried on walking to Villa Jovis but on the way we took another break to just absorb the beauty of it all (and rest our weary legs).

I remember telling my husband – “let’s take a pause”. When we did, the thing that really amazed me was the sound of birds tweeting away and…nothing else. It was so quiet and just so perfect. Living and working in the outskirts of London, close to a motorway and railway station (good transport links so I cannot complain too much), I cannot really remember a time when it was just quiet. I recorded 11 second video at the time just so that could capture this an relive the experience at a later date.

Life is always going to be busy, such is the nature of human existence, but as I get older, I am having to remind myself of the importance of taking a break, a natural pause, to allow reflection, to allow myself to be fully present in the moment. One of my friends updated his Facebook status on Saturday morning with this thought.


It seemed to spark all manner comments about whether nature really is still and can there really be absence of activity. However, for me it struck a cord and once again brought home to me the need to be still, and take a break, hit the pause button.


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