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‘We Are The Champions’ – I just loved this programme when I was little. I always wished that our school would be entered into this competition. It never happened but that’s OK.



I mean this is just nostalgia personified. This was my child hood.

We are the Champions was a children’s sports programme that ran from 13 June 1973 to 25 July 1995. There was a full series every year until 1987, and one-off specials every year from 1988 to 1995. It was originally presented by Ron Pickering but, when he died in 1991, Gary Lineker took over as presenter of the remaining one-off specials. The programme was formatted around a traditional British school sports day, where children would compete in various athletics and swimming competitions. Each programme concluded with Ron Pickering shouting to the children “”Away Y’ Go” at which point they would all run and jump/dive into the swimming pool as the titles ran.

I was a colours person – I loved the colours because of course we have the same team colours in our team. I was in the ‘blue’ team for most of my primary school days and trying to earn ‘team points’ for the Friday finale.






Reference: Wikipedia


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