Thai calamari

It is the first day back at work after the Easter Break. I have to say this Easter has been one of the most refreshing that I remember.

I have a hair appointment this evening so I am having an early and very light  dinner at Busaba ‘essential modern Bangkok eating’ . I did actually have a craving for fish and chips but somehow I could not find anywhere so I settled for Thai Calamari and a pineapple and coconut lassi.



Delicious. It has done me the world of good. I am trying once again to get into the habit of maintaining a sensible work life balance and eating well. I realise that is is no good me saying ‘well I’ll see how long this lasts’ because I just need to make it last, I need to make it work. It is easy to blame other people and things but essentially I am the master of this ship, nobody else.


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