The mule maker

Did you know?

Male horse (stallion) and female donkey (jenny) make a hinny

Make donkey (jack) and female horse (mare) make a mule.

I am sure it was was in my general knowledge bank…

I must admit I did not know about the terms jack and jenny for male and female donkeys respectively.  This was one of a number of things I learned from visiting the donkey sanctuary on the Isle of Wight today.

The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary was first established in 1987 to provide any donkey in distress or otherwise in need of care and attention, a safe and permanent home. The charity relies entirely on donations and the many fundraising activities held throughout the year.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. r. sikkel says:


    I would like to ask permission to use one of the donkey pics in a book. Of course with proper reference to you as the photographer.
    Could you please contact me?

    1. Lioness says:

      Which one? What book are your writing? Sounds interesting.

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