The crooked loch

Yesterday was the day that we were meant to take easy. We thought we would drive from Currie (suburb south west of Edinburgh) to Glen Coe , Fort William and Ben Nevis and just 'look around'. Turned out to be quite a day. The road trip was great, we have just bought a new car and it is just eating up the miles with no problem at all. I was a bit hesitant ant first because it feels like a tank in comparison to other cars that I have driven but I am getting used to the dimensions.

The first stop of the day was Loch Lubnaig (Lùbnaig in Gaelic means crooked). This is a small loch (5km long) in the Stirling council area. It is part of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.  Loch Lubnaig lies between  Ben Ledi and Ben Vane to the south-west and Ben Vorlich to the north-east. It is fed by  the River Balvaig from the north and drained by the Garbh Uisge to the south. We really only stopped for a food and comfort break but we were pleasantly surprised by the views. It was raining so we did not stay out for long but I did take a few pictures (some a little over exposed I’m afraid and I have not had time retouch and make look pretty!).


The place is just beautiful. It would have been nice to stay longer but the rain was relentless and we were still hours away from our final destinations. I was just not aware of how much beauty there was on this small island of ours. I will definitely be coming back here one day.


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