“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing”

After our little stop at Loch Lubnaig we finally arrived in Glencoe, at least this first port of call was the Glencoe Mountain Resort. Our pre trip research had advised us that this place had a chair lift that would allow us to take in the views.  So we did just that. We ate our lunch in the carpark while the sun was shining and then boarding the chair lift when it was pouring with rain! The rain did not take away our enjoyment. I found it very bizarre to be in a chairlift with no snow or biting wind for company. I found myself imagining what the place would be like covered in metres of snow. Maybe we will come back here for a snowboarding adventure, who knows.  Anyway back to the present. We made it to the top and spent some time admiring the views.

There was something about the emptiness and desolation that appealed to me. If it were not that we had other places to visit, I could have happily have sat at the top looking out into the distance and letting my mind take me wherever it wanted to go.


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