4 go camping in Wales

Yes, for the second time in my life, I have gone camping and I have traveled to Wales. I did all these amazing and wonderful things in the first weekend of September. I went with my husband and another couple. We had a wonderful time. Yes, it rained on the last day but I’m used to that and was well protected and prepared.

We drove from Edgeware, the most convenient meeting point for all of us, to Porthmadog, Wales. At about two in the morning we were pitching up our tents at Black Rock Sands Touring and Camping Park. It was tiring and a little chilly but once I was in my sleeping bag, snug and warm, I felt very nice. I was lulled into an easy sleep by the sound of the waves and pure exhaustion.


In the morning, we ate breakfast on a picnic blanket by the tents. I took a a little walk to find the beach. I found it, and I was delighted.

the path to the beach
the beach

My husband and his friend then went off to climb, leaving us wives to sit, read, chat and bath in the sunshine. I do talk quite a bit, so I probably, in the course of the afternoon, spoke rather too much!

In the afternoon, after abandoning a plan to walk up Mount Snowdon, we drove to Harlech to explore the castle. Unfortunately for us, it was closing time by the time we arrived. However, if that had not been the case, we would not then have had the opportunity to explore the beach. It was lovely, dunes and miles of more of less empty sandy coast land.

Harlech beach
Harlech beach

I was a little perturbed by the jellyfish on the beach, having never really seen any before in my life.


Dinner was at an Indian restaurant, which was clearly saving the money that could be spent on decor, on providing delicious dishes. The food was utterly amazing. So good that I did not stop to take pictures, I just ate. Lamb sagwala and coriander naan, to be precise.

We drove back to the campsite, full and happy. My friend’s husband has introduced us to Radio 6. This evening we were treated to the delightful Kenny Young and the Eggplants. So weird, yet so funny. I will not forget tunes such as “Mommy is  Lawyer”, “Earl the Squirrel”, and “Badger in the Badlands”

Sunday morning, was a grey and rainy affair and therefore perfect for a full English breakfast. We finished that off and then drove to Llanberis with a plan to take the train up Mount Snowdon. Another little delight.

waiting for the train

The weather conditions were such that we could not get all the way to the top but what we did see was nice, despite the cloud!

up in the moutains, sort of…
up in the mountains – partly…

And there ended our weekend in Wales. It was nice. Restful and peaceful and a reminder of how, sometimes you just need the simple things in life, friends, family and food.


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