Persian Pursuits

This week another Persian restaurant! This time with my work colleagues at Persian Palace on the Uxbridge Road. It was a nice evening. As usual – excellent food and even better company. Nice to get to know my colleagues a little better. Nice to let my hair down and relax a little.      

Numbers numbers numbers

Thursday morning I sat in another meeting and listened as numbers flew around the room. Although I was not doing all the calculating I still felt like my head was going to explode. Decided to nip out to Harris and Hoole for another lunchtime treat. This time soup – butternut squash and lentil. Very tasty….

Number crunching, box ticking and Camel

  I have spent the day staring at papers and computer screens. After yesterday evening driving session – I managed to drag my tired little body to work, sit through two meetings and plough through a years worth of patient activity data.   The first meeting – wading through our waiting list of children with…