Guten Tag

Guten Tag

This week I am in Basel, Switzerland!

One of the smallest countries in Europe. One quarter of the country is covered by the Alps. It is a landlocked country surrounded by France to the west, Germany to the north, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east and Italy to the south. Anyway – enough of that…

The last time I came to Switzerland was in 2007 when I travelled alone to Geneva.

Just off to a meeting…

This time I am going to spend a week with my two younger sisters.

So far we have visited a supermarket



We have been out to eat at a wonderful restaurant – Kohlmanns.

Pike-perch fillet with a crust of breadcrumbs served with sautéed lentils and fluffy riesling mousse, garnished with onion confit.

Absolutely delicious…

I managed to make space for dessert.

Tarte tatin a la Kohlmanns.

Again – wunderbar!

We took a short walk around town.


The river Rhine at night

A nice first evening in Basel.

Amongst other things, I am hoping to learn to use my camera a little better and enjoy some authentic Swiss cuisine!

We shall see.

Auf wiedersehen

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