A che ora c’e il prossimo autobus per Sorrento

Saturday 18th March

Our feet are firmly on the ground having arrived safely in Naples.

We are now sitting on a mini coach that is waiting to take us to Sorrento.

There are it seems a number of ways to reach our final destination.

1. Airport bus to Central Station in Naples, then take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento.
2. Curreri Viaggi service from the airport to Sorrento
3. Private car (the hotel that we have booked to stay at, emailed us offering to arrange a driver for a cool €80).

We have opted for the Curreri Viaggi option. The 11 o’clock bus was full so we managed to get two seats on the midday bus.

The sun is shining, there is a light breeze and I am starting to feel the tension melt away.

“When I was six, my sister was half my age. I am now seventy. How old is my sister?”


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