Let them eat cake


So I did not cook this cake myself!

It was however delicious – after two weeks of healthy Mediterranean fare – this was a guilty little treat.

I am wondering how I am going to maintain the healthy eating habits of the past fortnight , when I succumbed so easily at the first hurdle!

Before I went on holiday my scales at home told me I was about 59 kg. When I weighed myself on the last evening of my holiday the electronic scales said 51 kg. I cannot believe I have lost 8 kgs in 13 days. I tend not to believe the scales. However when I weighed my suitcase on the same scales the reading was 20kg and while anxiously standing at the check-in counter the next day – bingo 20kg!

I am still not sure I believe the scales…only in that when I first stood on them they read 58 kg – more realistic I think!

And in any case I cannot think of how I would have lost 8 kg. My clothes still fit me!

What did I do for 13 days…?

Sleep for 8 hours a night. Walk to the beach every morning, swim/paddle in the sea, each three meals a day, have a seista on most afternoons, take a walk in the evenings. All nice and lovely but hardly the insanity workout.

So I am going to place my bets on 58 kgs (and I was correct!)

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  1. maytizea says:

    Bueno, lo de la hipotética pérdida de 8 kilos tiene una explicación muy simple y es que al número 6 no se le enciende uno de los palitos que lo conforman, justo el que hace que el 6 parezca un 5; por lo que me temo que tu peso en ese momento era de 61 kilos. 🙂 Y es que el relax y la tranquilidad engordan 😉

    1. Ja ja Ja

      más ejercicio para mí entonces!

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