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The Swiss Log

I have packed up my life in London and moved to  Basel, Switzerland.  The start of a new adventure right? I have to admit on the build up to this move I have been both terrified and excited…  I rationalised my life changing decision with the following reasons:

  1. I cannot go through my life having only lived in the UK and predominantly in London
  2. I would like to get fluent in another language  if only for the Kudos of being a well-rounded individual
  3. This will probably be the most money I have earned in my life (hello tax break…)
  4. If I don’t like it I can always come home to mum and dad

One week down and here are my first impressions along with some german I have picked up:

Schokolade   Swiss chocolate

The Swiss love their chocolate!  On my flight over (Swiss Air) I was offered a square of chocolate…

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