Room for change

So this is my little project – among other things – redesign my living room.

The plan :

Blinds for windows

Wooden flooring

Shelves for books and CDs


Two small armchairs

Dining table and chair

Coffee table

Foot stool

Storage chest


I am aiming to get it done before Christmas.

I am currently exploring the flooring option. Wooden vs laminate?

I am finding that wooden floors are very expensive but somehow nice looking. My vague understanding (after 20 minute demonstration from the flooring sales rep) is that laminate flooring is more durable and scratch resistant and less expensive. I have 16 square metres of flooring. That’s a lot of planks. I am still not sure about the shade – I was thinking honey oak shade by friend thinks walnut shade. I am warming to the latter colour range but I am going to get some samples and see how they look at home (another tip from the sales rep).

The other thing that I am deciding on is the colour scheme for the living room.
Duck egg blue
Chocolate brown

It’s afar cry from the reds that I have been surrounded by for the past 10 years.


Not quite sure it will if my newly chosen colours will all match. I was aiming for cool, refreshing and tranquil. My friend suggests I make a mood board which I think will help me visualise it better.


The last time I saw these was when I was a child and I used to use them as bookmarks (thank you Dulux!). So I am going to need to be organised, juggling work and family commitments. Today I have been to Homebase, Wickes, Carpet Right, Next and three wood flooring outlets. And I have driven back and forth to Portsmouth. There are not enough hours in the day…

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  1. maytizea says:

    Light colors give lightness and makes larger spaces.

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